The Brigittini Servitores Sancitissimi Salvatoris Institute – Who are we?

This institution begun on 3-18-1993  as the Servitores Reginae Apostolorum Institute, becoming  the Brigittini Servitores Sancitissimi Salvatoris Institute on 6-09-2012. It is an a public association of the Catholic faithful in the diocese of Tyler
The Brigittini Servitores are in essence contemplatives, leading a life of prayer and sacrifice, a life strictly regulated by the Rule of life of the Servitores.
Our  apostolate is to assist the Holy Father and bishops to implement the aims stated by Pope John Paul II in his 1988 Apostolic Letter Ecclesia Dei adflicta and by Pope Benedict XVI in his 2007 Apostolic Letter Summorum Pontificum, that is to make the extraordinary form of the Roman Rite more accessible for Catholics.
Our prayer life is centered on the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass and the Divine Office. We participate at Masses offered according to the 1962 typical edition of the Roman Missal and we pray the Roman Latin Breviary and Liber Usualis in force in 1962. The Divine Office is recited in full by the Servitores.
The external apostolate of the Brigittini Servitores Institute is centered on the following areas:
1. Promoting the public recitation of the Divine Office by helping the Catholic faithful to appreciate and to recite it correctly and to promote its public recitation.
2. Promoting Latin literacy through seminars, formal courses of instruction, and correspondence courses.
3. Corresponding with priests, religious and laity interested in the traditional Latin liturgy and in the work of the Servitores.
4. Disseminating information regarding churches, parishes and religious orders using the traditional Latin liturgy and other pertinent information for the promotion of the same.
5. Organising and helping others to organise days of recollections and conferences for Catholics interested in the traditional Latin liturgy.