Ecce quam bonum et quam iucundum habitare fratres in unum! (Behold, how good and joyful  is for brethren to dwell as one! (Psalm 132, verse 1.)


Yes, we were there in Amity, not only celebrating  the Feast of Saint Birgitta together with the  invitation of The Brigittine Monks at the Priory of our Lady of Consolation, but even enjoying their hospitality for almost a week afterwards. We prayed and ate together, talked and breathed in that particular atmosphere of peace which is so often found in contemplative monasteries.

On the first day after our arrival the Feast of Saint Birgitta was celebrated in style. Archbishop Sample celebrated the Holy Mass aid preached on the special value and beauty of contemplative religious life. a festive meal followed, feeding a vast multitude of friends of the Priory of Our Lady of Consolation.

With the festivities over, the monastic routine re-established itself  –  days, punctuated by liturgical and other prayers,. Peace enveloped all of us – Brigittine monks and a few visitors staying a bit longer.  I departed with a strengthened sense of purpose of working making the traditional branch grow in size and graces.

The impetus of the stay has bought some fruits- , but I shall leave the news and details about our visit for later. I am just too eager now to share the picture to show that yes, we were really there.


Please join us in thanksgiving for this visit, a wonderful gift of God!