May the Holy Ghost descend on us so that we  serve God faithfully and with joy!


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On the Vigil of Pentecost, we have finished one novena, namely the novena to the Holy Ghost.

Seeing the dangers to the faith and so many in need around us, let us continue to pray  unceasingly, by starting another novena on Monday after  Pentecost Sunday!

Let us pray for the intercession and beatification of the seven Hungarian Franciscan martyrs!

Read their story at:

-or go to the page  “Editorials”, where you can read the story and see pictures!

The novena prayer

Almighty and everlasting God!

Thou hast wonderfully revealed the mystery of the Cross in the lives of Thy servants the seven Hungarian Franciscan martyrs when Thou hast made the light of the faith shine through their sacrifice even in the darkness of dictatorships.

We ask Thee that their life, which always bore witness to their faith, and their martyrdom may be a source of strength and encouragement for us when we strive to follow Christ. We ask Thee for their beatification so that that we may venerate their memory publicly and benefit by their intercession.

We ask that through their intercession we may receive help for the needs of the Brigittini Servitores Sanctissimi Salvatoris Institute (vocations for us and for the Brigittine Brothers following the traditional Latin liturgy associated with us and construction of  a monastery)  and for the needs of  our benefactors. .Through Christ Our Lord. Amen

Father Bernát Károlyi, pray for us!

Father Rafael Kriszten, pray for us!

Father Zénó Hajnal, pray for us!

Father Krizosztom,Körösztös, pray for us!

Father Szaléz Kiss, pray for us!

Father Kristóf Kovács, pray for us!

Father Pelbárt Lukács, pray for us!