As we chant today before sunrise verses of the hymn of ad Matutinum, with joyful praise tumbling forth from our lips :

Surge! Iam terris fera bruma cessit,
Ridet in pratis decus omne florum,
Alma quæ Vitæ Génitrix fuísti,
Surge, María!

Lílium fulgens velut in rubéto,
Mortis auctórem teris una, carpens
Sóntibus fructum pátribus negátum
Arbore vitæ.

(Arise! Now the harsh winter receded from our lands,
All the beauty of  flowers in the meadows smiles
O kind Mother, who became the bearer of Life,
Arise, O Mary!

Oh, thou lily shining in the thickets

The one grinding down the bringer of death

Thou gathering from the tree of life

The fruit denied to our fathers)




Or in short and in prose –  Blessed Virgin Mary of unsurpassable beauty,  we love thee so!

flowers -white