In Hungary, a land consecrated to Our Lady (the first country in Europe) by our king, Saint Stephen,

Szt.István -korona

the procession carrying the incorrupt almsgiving right hand of Saint Stephen on the Particular 1st Class Feast of Saint Stephen in Hungary, which even the Communists could not suppress and make it a workday!


In Amity, Oregon, USA, in the Monastery of Our Lady of Compassion, the only contemplative Brigittine monastery of men in the world which was successfully established in  1976 on US soil, after all efforts failed to re-establish a community for male Brigittines of whom after the ravages of the Protestant reformation none were left.

Amity2016-02     Amity2016-06

The solemn blessing of the statue of Our Lady of Compassion


Th Brigittini Servitores couldn’t be there for this, but we (Superior and Chaplain) were there in July, celebrating the Feast of Saint Birgitta and participating  for a few days in the community life of the Brigittine Brothers, our dear comrades in arms. May God bless them all!Amity2016-01