…we celebrate the Maternity of Our Lady, a Feast already existing in many places and celebrated on diverse days, but extended in 1931 to the entire Catholic Church by Pope Pius XI of happy memory to commemorate the declaration of the Council of Ephesus in 431 that the Blessed Virgin Mary is truly the Mother of Christ, who in one person unites the human and divine nature.


Mother of God, Mother of us, look after us. This is what we ask in the Brigittine Divine Office as we chant in the hymn for the little Hours (ad Primam, ad Tertiam, ad Sextam, ad Nonam) on  Mondays:


Tu nos errantes corrige, tu nos cadentnes erige

Manum benignam porrige, nociva semper abige!

(Correct us, when we are erring, raise us when we are falling

Stretch forth Thy kindly hand, always drive away the harmful things!)