We yearn to be in heaven


and therefore pray, singing at ad Laudes:

Quicúmque in alta siderum
Regnatis aula príncipes,
Favete votis súpplicum,
Qui dona cæli flágitant.

(All ye who high above the stars
In heavenly glory reign!
May we through your prevailing prayers
Unto your joys attain.)

Asking the help The Blessed Virgin Mary, as those are doing in the rosary procession in Lourdes,


beseeching her help, as in in the hymn  for ad Matutinum and ad Vesperas:


Placare, Christe, servulis,
Quibus Pátris clementiam
Tuæ ad tribunal grátiæ
Patrona Virgo póstulat.
(O Christ, thy guilty people spare!
Lo, kneeling at thy gracious throne,
thy Virgin-Mother pours her prayer,
Imploring pardon for us all.).