… is the last of the triplex  of Feasts, calling to our mind the fellowship of the Catholic faithful with those on earth, in Heaven and in purgatory as we pray on three successive Feasts.


On the Feast of Christ the King  we (the Ecclesia militans- the fighting  Church)   pray together with those who like ourselves, are on this Earth, for graces that we may reach Heaven. (In the traditional calendar of 1962, The Feast of Christ the King is celebrated on the last Sunday of October, i. e. the Sunday  before the Feast of  All Saints.)


 On the Feast of all Saints we pray to the Saints in Heaven (Ecclesia triumphans- the triumphant  Church)   for their aid so that we may reach Heaven.


On the Feast of All Souls we pray for those in the Purgatory (Ecclesia sufferens – the suffering   Church) for their  speedy release from there so that they may  reach Heaven.