… the Brigittine collect for the Easter Season expresses well the essence of the Paschal mystery,   urging us to contemplate thankfully and prayerfully the mysteries of this holy  Season.

 Brigittine collect

Prosit nobis semper omnipotens Pater et praecipue inter haec Paschalia Filii tui solemnia continuata Dei Genetricis et Virginis Mariae memoria quae et astitit vulnerata caritate in Cruce pendenti et astat nunc a dexteris Regina in coelo regnanti eidem Domino nostro Jesu Christo Filio tuo.  Qui tecum vivit et regnat in unitate Spiritus Sancti Deus.  Amen.


O Almighty  Father, it always benefits us, especially at the time of the Easter solemnities, commemorating the resurrection of Thy Son, Our Lord, Jesus Christ,,  the continuous remembrance of the Blessed Virgin  Mary, Mother of God, who, wounded by love, stood at the side of Our Lord, Jesus Christ, hanging on the  cross and now stands at the right hand side of the same Jesus Christ, Our Lord, Thy Son. Who lives and reigns with Thee in union with the Holy Ghost.

For the rubrics of the Divine Office this season, please see” Notes  on the Breviary” page!