… if you want to ask who he is, the answer is eloquently given in the traditional Latin Breviary (1962), in the Responsorium after the 4th lesson at ad Matutinum

Hic est Míchaël Archángelus, princeps milítiæ Angelórum,
Cuius honor præstat benefícia populórum, et orátio perducit ad regna cælórum. . Archángelus Míchaël præpósitus paradísi, quem honoríficant Angelórum cives.

This is the Archangel Michael, the chief of the  army of the * Whose honour  offers benefits to peoples,  and whose prayer leads us to the kingdom of Heavens.  The Archangel Michael, placed in the charge of Paradise, and whom the fellow citizens of Angels are honouring.

Dear Saint Michael, lead u into battle against the forces of darkness so that we will save our sus and to fight for the salvation of others, AMDG!