I have been silent for quite a while, but let me reassure everybody -The Brigittini Servitores are still alive and well, Deo gratias!

The aim of establishing eventually a double monastery is still there, the realisation will be on God’s time table, but by the infinite mercy of His Divine Majesty, we are now a step nearer to the establishment of male branch with priestly members and lay Brothers who would give spiritual support for the Brigittine Sisters and pilgrims visiting the monastery and disseminate information about the Brigittine order.

The “step nearer” consists of making it known that we have a priest, interested and well qualified to head such a project.  Indeed, Father has been involved in the work of two Brigittine communities, including ours, for several years.  However, it is only now that I have received  permission to make this known  on this WEB-site.

Hereby I am inviting those who would be interested to write for more information to :
Brigittine Fathers <servitores5@gmail.com>

As for the statement that “The Brigittine  Servitores are still alive and well”,  I could add that yes, indeed, and we are even doing more than before.  Please the article titled “Praising God in choir louder and more often (10-2-2017)”  in the “Editorials” section.