…we are commemorating the visit of the three  Magi to the new-born King o fall ages, or  divine  Saviour, Our Lord  Jesus Christ , who redeeming us by His death on the cross,

May this  Season be our  Epiphany too, may God clearly shows us how to accomplish what He wishes for us to do  AMDG made the gates of  Heaven opened so that we may enter the heaven with all is  splendour.

In the meanwhile, here  on this earth, the Holy  Liturgy is celebrated with full splendour-Holy Masses and the Divine Office recited by priests and religious either solo, or in choir.

By the grace of God, this year the  Brigittini Servitores recited and chanted the Divine Office with previously unexperienced  splendour, with the 3 members of the community winging their songs of praise  Heavenward.

Here are  the  pictures  showing  the newest Sister receiving her veil on the Feast of the  Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

The Breviary notes page has been brought up to date.