The traditional way presupposes that Ascension Thursday is on a Thursday. , as it is still in some  of the American dioceses, (Philadelphia for instance) and in chapels, churches and religious  congregations following the   1962 traditional  Latin liturgy.  In other places, it is celebrated on the Sunday after Ascension Thursday. If you are located at such a site, you could still read the propers  for Ascension Thursday in your missal,  preparing thus your soul for a flood of graces on Pentecost Sunday.

Spiritual preparation for Pentecost.

After the 5th Sunday after Easter (May 26th))) 

On Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday we have the  3 Rogation days)


On these days, say the Litany of All  Saints

If you do not have this litany in your Missal, go to: text can  be found on  thee  “Devotions” page:

On the Friday after Ascension Thursday,


begin the Holy Ghost novena, saying the prayers assigned for each day, finishing it on the Vigil of  Pentecost.

You will find the test on the Devotions page: #12 .Holy Ghost  Novena



I have not shared much of the news  – there simply was no time to do so. Could you  please help me with your prayers so that  I find time to tell you the story of the last few months? May God bless you if you do so!