… we are privileged to have  Propers which are both beautiful, especially the hymns which provide us mini-lessons of theology.  For example one of the verses of  the hymn at ad Matutinum  puts  the priestly office this way:

Sic sacrifícium istud instítuit,
Cuius offícium commítti vóluit
Solis presbýteris, quibus sic cóngruit,
Ut sumant, et dent céteris.

My translation

He so instituted this sacrifice
the performance of which he wished to  commit

To His priests alone to whom fitted the duty
To take (His  body), and give it to others

Thee  Propers of the Feast of Corpus Christi were  the work of Saint  Thomas  Aquinas.  I urge you to look a at the three hymns(ad Matutinum, ad Laudes, ad Vesperas) of the Divine Office of this Feast. The concluding verses of two of the hymns  will be familiar to you, since these are sung  at Benediction.

Go to Divinum Officium:


For Rubrics choose the Rubrics  1960 and for language  English (which will give you both  Latin and English side by side)


These two photos show the Hungarian way of decorating  streets and squares with carpets  of  flowers where the Corpus  Christi procession is passing. Let us too decorate our hearts with prayers  honouring  Our Lord in the Blessed Sacrament!