Those reciting the Divine Office  (either as  a mandated  duty for clergy and contemplative religious,  as  an option for  laity) were  reading texts by the Doctors of the Church about the significance  of  this Feast for 9 days,  very helpful  to deepen one’ s understanding  of the faith .

Would you like  to see these texts?

Go again to the  Divinum  Officium.

Choose the tab Divino Afflatu instead of Rubrics  1960

Select the days after the feast of Corpus Christi ()ie.  June 21st,  22nd,etc. for the net  8 days.

For each day, select ad Matutinum, and scroll down to  Lessons of the  2nd Nocturn  (lessons  4,5,6 after  the  three psalms ) and if time allows, to go to the Lessons of the 3rd Nocturn  (lessons  7, 8,9  after  the  three psalms )