Our  Lady strikes agian!


          On February 11,the Fraternity of Saint  Peter was solemnly consecrated to the I mmaculate Heart of Mary. In  preaprtion for thius  consécration,  from February 2 to 10, 2022  novena was  recited every day  by all the members of the Fraternity.


On February 11, the Holy Father then sent a decree signed by his own hand .

Decree of Pope Francis confirming the use of the liturgical books of 1962.
The Holy Father Francis grants to each and everyone of the members of the Society of Apostolic Life ” Priestly Fraternity of Saint Peter “, founded on July 18, 1988 and declared “of pontifical right” by the Holy See, the faculty to celebrate the sacrifice of the Mass, to administer the sacraments and other sacred rites, and to perform the Divine Office, according to the typical editions of the liturgical books in force in the year 1962, that is to say the Missal, the Ritual, the Pontifical and the Roman Breviary.
They can use this faculty in their own churches and oratories; everywhere else, they will use it only with the consent of the local ordinary, except for the celebration of private Mass.
Without prejudice to what has been said above, the Holy Father suggests that, as far as possible, the provisions of the motu proprio Traditionis Custodes should also be taken into account.

For the full text of the Oficial statement of the Fraternity of Saint Peter, on February  21st 2022,go to:


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