Once again,  it will be celebrated, under the direction of Reverend Father Joseph Valentine . who reviewed all arrangements.

 What is the Tenebrae?

The Tenebrae is a combination of the  1st two Hours of the Divine Office at  ad  Matutinum and ad Laudes during the Sacred Triduum, i.e., on  Maundy Thursday, Good Friday and Holy Saturday

It may a be chanted or recited or be a combination of chanted and recited  portion.


At Saint Joseph the Worker the Church  it will be  celebrated on

 Maundy Thursday

Good Friday

Holy Saturday.

Each day it will start at  8a.m., ad will last close to two hours.

Booklet of the service willl have the full text in Latin and in English.

You are free to participate or simply listen.

  • All may participate in chanting or reciting the  psalms.
  • Solo performance-’ Selected men will chant or recite the lessons
  • Solo or small group of  women   will chant the Reponses.

Please  come around 7.45 . 7.50 a.m.  to be seated and  -if you wish -take a sol or small group role!


If you are interested to know more about the Tenebrae

For nature and  history read the article of Wikipedia :

For preview of the text of the Tenebrae, go to

  • Chose the date.
  • Select Matutinum then  Laudes-
  • There are pull down menus below the names of the Hours.
  • For rubric, choose Rubrics 1960
  • For language .
  • Latin has the text I Latin only.
  • English and other modern languages gives you both English  or the modern language of  your choice and  Latin
  • Come, if you can – If not, send  your guardian angel!