In the   Season  of Epiphany  …  

… we are reflecting on the journey of the three Magi of the East, as led by the light of the star they journeyed  toward seeing the light -giving  King of the world, to lay their gifts at His feet.

Let us then ask for the graces   of this   holy  Season to see that  light   which God wants us to follow and by which we would perceive how to give the  gift most pleasing  to Our   Saviour – ourselves.

See the notes  on Epiphany in the tab of “Breviary notes” and  look at  the two hymns for the Season under the  tab of  “Devotions”!

As the Season of Advent begins…….

… and we are getting ready to prepare our homes for the Christmas festivities, let us also prepare our hearts for the arrival of the Christ child by getting rid of the  cobwebs of old attachments, sweeping away the debris of old sins by going to confession, lighting the fires of charity and practice singing by the practice of virtues so that when the  day of Christmas  arrives, our song will be pleasing to God.


Request for prayers for a sick religious Sister


Please  pray for Sister Catherine  OSB in the Mary Queen of Angels Convent  at  Clear Creek OK  who is seriously ill with cancer.

From left to right: Sister Margarita, Mother Annuntiata, Cardinal Burke , Father Abbot of Clear Creek,  Sister Catherine 

Please join me in praying   the novena to Saint  Catherine Drexel!

for the spiritual and temporal health of this Sister, so good and so very devotedly faithful to her religious  vocation!

May God bless you for your prayers!

In Christo

The Feast of Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary…

… is made very beautiful  by the  liturgical splendour with which it is celebrated.

Here is a sample – a verse from the hymn at  ad  Laudes.

Solis, o Virgo, rádiis amícta,
Bis caput senis redimíta stellis,
Luna cui præbet pédibus scabéllum
Inclita fulges.

Solis, o Virgo, rádiis amícta,
Bis caput senis redimíta stellis,
Luna cui præbet pédibus scabéllum
Inclita fulges.

It is also worthy of note that in five of the Hours of the  Divine Office,  the Little Chapters are taken from the Book of Judith, reminding us to go to Our Lady with confidence  for she is  a powerful  protector against the forces of  darkness.

Happy Feastday, everyone!

On the Feast of the Transfiguration of Our Lord..

Our  Lord  Jesus Christs appeared on the mountaintop to three of his Holy Apostles with a radiant face in nn shining  white garments.

To us too, He appears, although  we do nto see Him with our bodily eyes,  at every l Holy Mass, h shining forth in the piece of  bread which becomes His  Body, clothed in the garments of the  splendour  of Traditional liturgy.

Let us rejoice that , in spite of many  attempts by the misguided ,  by the grace of God this has not been taken  away from us!

On the Feast of the Sacred Heart…

..let us listen  to Saint Bonaventura!

Because we are now come to the sweet Heart of Jesus, and because it is good for us to be here, let us not too soon turn away therefrom. O how good and joyful a thing it is to dwell in this Heart. What a good treasure, what a precious pearl, is thy Heart, O most excellent Jesu, which we have found hidden in the pit which hath been dug in this field, namely, in thy body. Who would cast away such a pearl? Nay, rather, for this same I would give all my pearls. I will sell all my thoughts and affections, and buy the same for myself, turning all my thoughts to the Heart of the good Jesus, and without fail it will support me. Therefore, o most sweet Jesus, finding this Heart that is thine and mine, I will pray to thee, my God: admit my prayers into the shrine of hearkening: and draw me even more altogether into thy Heart.

(ad Matutinum, Lesson 8)