The Feast of Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary…

… is made very beautiful  by the  liturgical splendour with which it is celebrated.

Here is a sample – a verse from the hymn at  ad  Laudes.

Solis, o Virgo, rádiis amícta,
Bis caput senis redimíta stellis,
Luna cui præbet pédibus scabéllum
Inclita fulges.

Solis, o Virgo, rádiis amícta,
Bis caput senis redimíta stellis,
Luna cui præbet pédibus scabéllum
Inclita fulges.

It is also worthy of note that in five of the Hours of the  Divine Office,  the Little Chapters are taken from the Book of Judith, reminding us to go to Our Lady with confidence  for she is  a powerful  protector against the forces of  darkness.

Happy Feastday, everyone!

On the Feast of the Transfiguration of Our Lord..

Our  Lord  Jesus Christs appeared on the mountaintop to three of his Holy Apostles with a radiant face in nn shining  white garments.

To us too, He appears, although  we do nto see Him with our bodily eyes,  at every l Holy Mass, h shining forth in the piece of  bread which becomes His  Body, clothed in the garments of the  splendour  of Traditional liturgy.

Let us rejoice that , in spite of many  attempts by the misguided ,  by the grace of God this has not been taken  away from us!

On the Feast of the Sacred Heart…

..let us listen  to Saint Bonaventura!

Because we are now come to the sweet Heart of Jesus, and because it is good for us to be here, let us not too soon turn away therefrom. O how good and joyful a thing it is to dwell in this Heart. What a good treasure, what a precious pearl, is thy Heart, O most excellent Jesu, which we have found hidden in the pit which hath been dug in this field, namely, in thy body. Who would cast away such a pearl? Nay, rather, for this same I would give all my pearls. I will sell all my thoughts and affections, and buy the same for myself, turning all my thoughts to the Heart of the good Jesus, and without fail it will support me. Therefore, o most sweet Jesus, finding this Heart that is thine and mine, I will pray to thee, my God: admit my prayers into the shrine of hearkening: and draw me even more altogether into thy Heart.

(ad Matutinum, Lesson 8)

The Feast of Saint László (Ladislas) in the Hungarian particular Calendar…

.. is on June 27th.

Please see:

This will give you the history of Saint  László and the miracles at  Mátraverebély.


Saint  László is regarded as the Patron Saint of Hungarian soldiers. See them celebrating the  Feastday of Saint  László in  Győr?


Holy  Mass   on the Feastday of Saint  László in Győr

Procession on the Feastday of Saint  László in Győr


May God is His mercy give us as courageous leaders in the Church as Saint  László, to defend the faith and may Saint  László protect and inspire those  prelates  priests and laity who act with courage in these critical times!




The Feast of  Corpus Christi used to have an Octave until 1955.

Those reciting the Divine Office  (either as  a mandated  duty for clergy and contemplative religious,  as  an option for  laity) were  reading texts by the Doctors of the Church about the significance  of  this Feast for 9 days,  very helpful  to deepen one’ s understanding  of the faith .

Would you like  to see these texts?

Go again to the  Divinum  Officium.

Choose the tab Divino Afflatu instead of Rubrics  1960

Select the days after the feast of Corpus Christi ()ie.  June 21st,  22nd,etc. for the net  8 days.

For each day, select ad Matutinum, and scroll down to  Lessons of the  2nd Nocturn  (lessons  4,5,6 after  the  three psalms ) and if time allows, to go to the Lessons of the 3rd Nocturn  (lessons  7, 8,9  after  the  three psalms )

On the Feast of Corpus Christi

… we are privileged to have  Propers which are both beautiful, especially the hymns which provide us mini-lessons of theology.  For example one of the verses of  the hymn at ad Matutinum  puts  the priestly office this way:

Sic sacrifícium istud instítuit,
Cuius offícium commítti vóluit
Solis presbýteris, quibus sic cóngruit,
Ut sumant, et dent céteris.

My translation

He so instituted this sacrifice
the performance of which he wished to  commit

To His priests alone to whom fitted the duty
To take (His  body), and give it to others

Thee  Propers of the Feast of Corpus Christi were  the work of Saint  Thomas  Aquinas.  I urge you to look a at the three hymns(ad Matutinum, ad Laudes, ad Vesperas) of the Divine Office of this Feast. The concluding verses of two of the hymns  will be familiar to you, since these are sung  at Benediction.

Go to Divinum Officium:

For Rubrics choose the Rubrics  1960 and for language  English (which will give you both  Latin and English side by side)


These two photos show the Hungarian way of decorating  streets and squares with carpets  of  flowers where the Corpus  Christi procession is passing. Let us too decorate our hearts with prayers  honouring  Our Lord in the Blessed Sacrament!

The Feast f the Holy Trinity is …

… the starting  gate for the  on of the two Seasons  throughout the  Year, consisting of 24 weeks, each starting with one of the   24 Sundays after  Pentecost.let us exult with the beautiful liturgical prayers  of this Feast, such as the first two verses this Brigittine Hymn!:

O veneranda Trinitas

O trium una Deitas

Lustra vero nos lumine

Pro  Virginis precamine.

O venerable Trinity

O,  one Divinity of three

Illuminate us with a true light

For the sake of the prayer of the Virgin.)

The Octave of Pentecost..

… Is the last of the liturgical  Seasons  before we arrive at the Season throughout the Year after this octave is over. Septuagesima, Lent , Passiontide, the Season of Easter and Ascension tide  all had their different  emphasis, stretching  different spiritual muscles.  They  were but stepping  stones of our spiritual ascent , culminating in the fiery light of   Pentecost.

May God in His mercy grant us the graces during  this Octave to  praise Him loudly with  the beautiful  Pentecostal liturgy and  grow in wisdom and  holiness as we reflect on the liturgical texts of the  Holy Masses of this  week!

On the feast of Ascension…

…we commemorate the entrance of Our Lord – body and soul  – to  Heaven. However, in spirit He is not  far away- if we do not want Him to be.  Let us pray that we always want Him  near to us !

Tu, dux ad astra, et sémita,
Sis meta nostris córdibus,
Sis lacrimárum gáudium,
Sis dulce vitæ prǽmium.


Our leader, to the stars, our way
Be thou the goal  for our hearts;
Be thou the joy amidst  our tears,
Be Thou the sweet reward of our life.