On the Feast of the Maternity of the Blessed Virgin Mary…

Let us ask our Heavenly Mother to keep us close, using the two last strophes of the hymn recited in 4 of the 8 Hours in the Brigittine Divine Office.

 Maria  Mater gratiae – Mater misericordiae

Tu nos ab hoste protege – Et hora mortis suscipe.

 Mary, Mother of grace – Mother of mercy

Protect us from the enemy – And receive us at the hour of our death.

The first two or three strophes are different for different days of the week, but these concluding strophes are the same for each day.

Calling men of good -will!

I have been silent for quite a while, but let me reassure everybody -The Brigittini Servitores are still alive and well, Deo gratias!

The aim of establishing eventually a double monastery is still there, the realisation will be on God’s time table, but by the infinite mercy of His Divine Majesty, we are now a step nearer to the establishment of male branch with priestly members and lay Brothers who would give spiritual support for the Brigittine Sisters and pilgrims visiting the monastery and disseminate information about the Brigittine order.

The “step nearer” consists of making it known that we have a priest, interested and well qualified to head such a project.  Indeed, Father has been involved in the work of two Brigittine communities, including ours, for several years.  However, it is only now that I have received  permission to make this known  on this WEB-site.

Hereby I am inviting those who would be interested to write for more information to :
Brigittine Fathers <servitores5@gmail.com>

As for the statement that “The Brigittine  Servitores are still alive and well”,  I could add that yes, indeed, and we are even doing more than before.  Please the article titled “Praising God in choir louder and more often (10-2-2017)”  in the “Editorials” section.

On the Feast of the Archangel Michael…

… if you want to ask who he is, the answer is eloquently given in the traditional Latin Breviary (1962), in the Responsorium after the 4th lesson at ad Matutinum

Hic est Míchaël Archángelus, princeps milítiæ Angelórum,
Cuius honor præstat benefícia populórum, et orátio perducit ad regna cælórum. . Archángelus Míchaël præpósitus paradísi, quem honoríficant Angelórum cives.

This is the Archangel Michael, the chief of the  army of the * Whose honour  offers benefits to peoples,  and whose prayer leads us to the kingdom of Heavens.  The Archangel Michael, placed in the charge of Paradise, and whom the fellow citizens of Angels are honouring.

Dear Saint Michael, lead u into battle against the forces of darkness so that we will save our sus and to fight for the salvation of others, AMDG!

A feast which would not die

The Particular Feast of Saint Stephen in Hungary on August 20th was kept even during the Soviet occupation it, but under different names – Feast of  Constitutions,  Feast of New Bread. However, there were no processions with the sacred relic of the almsgiving right hand of Saint Stephen.

Because the people did not let its memory die in their hearts, the procession honouring it, when freedom was regained, the ancient name of the Feast and the procession is back,

just as the wider re-emergence of celebration of the Tridentine Mass,

because people did not stop caring and praying.

May God in His infinite mercy grant us the grace  of persevering in our efforts to preserve the good and the noble AMDG

In praise of Our Lady

.. on the splendid  Feast of her assumption to heaven

I humbly offer a double salutation to my Mother, the Queen Of heaven

with a Brigittine Heart

Saint Birgitta was instructed by Our Lord to plant a new vineyard in which His Mother is honoured.

This is why we begin each our Hour of the Divine Office with the invocation:

Dignare me laudare te Virgo Sacrata  – Da mihi virtutem contra hostes tuos

Deign to permit me to praise thee, Sacred Virgin – Give me virtuous  strength against thy  enemies!


With a Hungarian  heart

Hungary , also titled Regnum Marianum,  was the first country formally offered up to Our Lady- in the 11th century by our King, Saint Stephan.

May I be given the graces too express  I the love of Our Lady, as beautifully, as  did Saint  Maximillian Kolbe, taken to heaven on the vigil of this Feast!

On the Feast of Transfiguration

Let us  pray for graces to go up the mountain to see the sanctifying light shining from Jesus!

We sing this verse of the hymn at ad Laudes:

Quam lætus est, quem vísitas!
Consors Paternæ déxteræ,
Tu dulce lumen pátriæ,
Carnis negatum sénsibus.

Joyous is he, with whom,
God’s Word, thou dost abide;
Sweet light of our eternal home,
To fleshly sense denied

This feast has a history. It was placed on the Roman  Calendar by Pope Callixtus III to celebrate a victory of Christian crusaders against Turkish Muslims  in 1456. Here is a link to a short video:




On the Feast of the Sacred Heart…

….my heart is too full with wonder and adoration to  express myself well.  Let me therefore quote the   great Saint Bonaventura, as he puts something appropriate in a portion of the 9th Lesson in today’s ad Matutinum.

(Source: http://divinumofficium.com/cgi-bin/horas/officium.pl)

Ad hoc enim perforátum est latus tuum, ut nobis páteat intróitus. Ad hoc vulnerátum est Cor tuum, ut in illo ab exterióribus turbatiónibus absolúti habitáre possímus. Nihilóminus et proptérea vulnerátum est, ut per vulnus visíbile, vulnus amóris invisíbile videámus. Quómodo hic ardor mélius posset osténdi, nisi quod non solum corpus, verum étiam ipsum Cor láncea vulnerári permísit? Carnále ergo vulnus, vulnus spirituále osténdit. Quis illud Cor tam vulnerátum non díligat? quis tam amántem non rédamet? quis tam castum non amplectátur? Nos ígitur adhuc in carne manéntes, quantum póssumus, amántem redamémus, amplectámur vulnerátum nostrum…

Translation (slightly modified) For to this end was Thy side pierced, that an entry be opened unto us. To this end was Thy Heart wounded, that in it we might be able to dwell secure from alarms from without. And it was wounded none the less on this account that, because of the visible wound, we may perceive the wound of love which is invisible. How could this fire of love better shine forth than for Him to permit that not only his body, but that even His Heart, should be wounded with the spear? Who would not love that Heart so wounded? Who would not, in return, love one who is so loving? Who would not embrace one so chaste? Wherefore let us who are in the flesh love in return, as much as we can, Him who so loveth, embrace our wounded one …

Oh  Jesus we adore Thee… Dear Lord help us  us do this in all the days of our life

Sanctifying the Octave of Pentecost

– by reflecting  on the seven gifts of the Holy Ghost for which we prayed the novena before the Feast of  Pentecost

In the beautiful illustrated 1912 edition of this novena by the Holy Spirit Fathers there is a side bar, with quotations a  out each gift. Let us reflect on these gifts  during the Octave of Pentecost!


The fear of God prepares a prepares a place for love. But once love has begun to dwell in our hearts, the fear that prepared a place for it is driven out. . . . In sewing, the needle introduces the thread into the cloth. The needle goes in, but the thread cannot follow unless the needle comes out first.  In the same way, the fear of God first occupies our minds, but it does not remain there, because it enters only in order to introduce love. –St. Augustine

Monday in the Octave of Pentecost   – SECOND GIFT OF THE HOLY SPIRIT:  PIETY

The reason for loving God is God Himself; the measure of loving God is to love Him beyond measure. –St. Bernard of Clairvaux

What is the mark of a love for God?  To keep His commandments for the sake of His glory. –St. Basil the Great

Tuesday in the  Octave of Pentecost  – THIRD GIFT OF THE HOLY SPIRIT:  FORTITUDE

The woman who stayed behind at the tomb to seek Christ was the only one who saw Him. For perseverance is essential to any good deed, as the Voice of truth tells us:  “Whoever perseveres to the end will be saved” (Matthew 10:22).

–Pope St. Gregory the Great

We ought to make some progress, however little, every day, and show some increase of fervour. We ought to act as if we were at war–as, indeed, we are– and never relax until we have won the victory.—St. Teresa of Avila

Wednesday  in the  Octave of PentecostFOURTH GIFT OF THE HOLY SPIRIT:KNOWLEDGE

If you desire to know . . . ask grace, not instruction; desire, not understanding; the groaning of prayer, not diligent reading; the Spouse, not the teacher; God, not man; darkness, not clarity; not light, but the fire that totally inflames and carries us into God by ecstatic unctions and burning affections. – St. Bonaventure

 Thursday in the  Octave of Pentecost – FIFTH GIFT OF THE HOLY SPIRIT:  UNDERSTANDING

 No one is so foolish as not to believe that the things of the physical world are subject to someone’s government, providence, and disposition, seeing that they are regulated according to a certain order and time.  Thus we see the sun, the moon, and the stars and other parts of the physical world all holding a certain course, which would not happen if they were the sport of chance.  For that reason, a man would be a fool not to believe in God. –St. Thomas Aquinas

Friday  in the  Octave of  Pentecost – SIXTH GIFT OF THE HOLY SPIRIT:  COUNSEL

What am I without You, Lord, but a guide to my own downfall? –St. Augustine

Let each one remember that he will make progress in all spiritual things only insofar as he rids himself of self-love, self-will, and self-interest. –ST. Ignatius Loyola

Saturday  in the  Octave of  Pentecost  – SEVENTH GIFT OF THE HOLY SPIRIT:  WISDOM

What a sacred ignorance it is that loses sight of the wisdom and prudence of this age in order to learn the science and wisdom of the saints in the school of the Holy Spirit! –St. Paul of the Cross

Among all human pursuits, the pursuit of wisdom is more perfect, more noble, more useful, and more full of joy. –St. Thomas Aquinas

For the rubrics of the Divine Office of this season, please see” Notes  on the Breviary” page!