Alleluja -for  the rebirth of the  traditional Brigittine  Office  -in its original form.


On February  3rd 2021 in the church of  Saint íjospeh the  Worker in Tyler Texas  a  momentous event took place   – recitation of the Brigittine Divine  Office in the   manner, as it  was recited in the  the  15th and  16th century, before the virtual destruction of the double monasteries by the Protestant Reformation..

 If  God, so wills, this double Brigittine Office will be recited on a regular schedule by the Brigittini Servitores in  in Tyler when    the male branch is established, an event foreseen and hoped for, since  our. Constitution  states: „Brigittini Servitores may  be male or female” , By the infinite mercy of God, we have a seasoned  priest with experience  in religious life, who,  is  ready to join the  Brigittini Servitores.  

SOS- we need money  by June  20th 2021!


Our  prospective Brigittine Father has been granted  leave, ,from his  Archdiocese to come to Tyler  .Our bishop in Tyler  is agreeable, provided we show proof of having funds to cover all expenses   of Father for  a period three  years’

Here is the estimate:    The  amount to  cover all expenses    fo rnext three years: $166,800.00.If we receive $4,689.00 in monthly  pledges pledged  for  36 months we shall meet our goal. Could you please help ?

We   have never asked for money on these pages, for there was no burning need.  However, our

  bishop’s wish for financial guarantees needs to be obeyed.

May God bless all, who read this!


If you want to  know  more,  read the article the Editorial page: The Brigittine Office, its demise and resurgence.