As a new Season begins…

This year, we who are using the 1962 Traditional Calendar, are off to a flying start, for the first three days the Propers of Holy Mass and the Divine Office are of those of Advent  , enabling our immersion in the spirit and mysteries of the Season.

I have already placed my Christmas wish into the crib-may the Brigittini Servitores grow in size and holiness, always and everywhere acting in a manner most pleasing to God!


May your Advent be truly grace-filled!


See the Breviary  “Notes on the Breviary page for more about the Season of Advent!

… is the last of the triplex  of Feasts, calling to our mind the fellowship of the Catholic faithful with those on earth, in Heaven and in purgatory as we pray on three successive Feasts.


On the Feast of Christ the King  we (the Ecclesia militans- the fighting  Church)   pray together with those who like ourselves, are on this Earth, for graces that we may reach Heaven. (In the traditional calendar of 1962, The Feast of Christ the King is celebrated on the last Sunday of October, i. e. the Sunday  before the Feast of  All Saints.)


 On the Feast of all Saints we pray to the Saints in Heaven (Ecclesia triumphans- the triumphant  Church)   for their aid so that we may reach Heaven.


On the Feast of All Souls we pray for those in the Purgatory (Ecclesia sufferens – the suffering   Church) for their  speedy release from there so that they may  reach Heaven.


On the Feast of all Saints

We yearn to be in heaven


and therefore pray, singing at ad Laudes:

Quicúmque in alta siderum
Regnatis aula príncipes,
Favete votis súpplicum,
Qui dona cæli flágitant.

(All ye who high above the stars
In heavenly glory reign!
May we through your prevailing prayers
Unto your joys attain.)

Asking the help The Blessed Virgin Mary, as those are doing in the rosary procession in Lourdes,


beseeching her help, as in in the hymn  for ad Matutinum and ad Vesperas:


Placare, Christe, servulis,
Quibus Pátris clementiam
Tuæ ad tribunal grátiæ
Patrona Virgo póstulat.
(O Christ, thy guilty people spare!
Lo, kneeling at thy gracious throne,
thy Virgin-Mother pours her prayer,
Imploring pardon for us all.).


On October 11th…

…we celebrate the Maternity of Our Lady, a Feast already existing in many places and celebrated on diverse days, but extended in 1931 to the entire Catholic Church by Pope Pius XI of happy memory to commemorate the declaration of the Council of Ephesus in 431 that the Blessed Virgin Mary is truly the Mother of Christ, who in one person unites the human and divine nature.


Mother of God, Mother of us, look after us. This is what we ask in the Brigittine Divine Office as we chant in the hymn for the little Hours (ad Primam, ad Tertiam, ad Sextam, ad Nonam) on  Mondays:


Tu nos errantes corrige, tu nos cadentnes erige

Manum benignam porrige, nociva semper abige!

(Correct us, when we are erring, raise us when we are falling

Stretch forth Thy kindly hand, always drive away the harmful things!)

On the Feast of Our Lady of the Holy Rosary

We turn to Our Lady with increased confidence as we remember the victory over the Sultan at the naval battle of Lepanto by Christian princes led by Don John of Austria in October of 1571.


And the victory over countless hordes of Turks at Pétervárad in Hungary in the battle led by Prince Eugene of Savoy, 1716.


For a fuller description, see the article  “On the Feast of Our Lady of the Holy  Rosary,” on the page “Editorials.”

Our Lady of the Holy Rosary, help us with our prayers!


On the Feast of the Immaculate Heart of the Blessed Virgin Mary


Prayers of gratitude winging their way to heaven for “the Pope of Our Lady,” Pope Pius XII of happy memory who has added three Feasts of the Blessed  Virgin Mary to the liturgical calendar, to be kept with their proper Office and Holy Mass each year.

The Feast of the Immaculate Heart of the Blessed Virgin Mary was, introduced in 1942 amidst the horrors of World War II when the Holy Father consecrated the world to the Immaculate Heart of Mary.


In 1950, the Dogma of the Assumption was defined and the Feast of the Assumption was placed on the calendar.


In 1954 the month of May, which already has been a month of Our Lady, was made more memorable by the introduction of the Feast of Blessed Virgin Mary, Queen, in 1954.


Please join me in saying a Hail Mary for the beatification of Pope Pius XII!

Pius XII-2

For God’s greater glory on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean


In Hungary, a land consecrated to Our Lady (the first country in Europe) by our king, Saint Stephen,

Szt.István -korona

the procession carrying the incorrupt almsgiving right hand of Saint Stephen on the Particular 1st Class Feast of Saint Stephen in Hungary, which even the Communists could not suppress and make it a workday!


In Amity, Oregon, USA, in the Monastery of Our Lady of Compassion, the only contemplative Brigittine monastery of men in the world which was successfully established in  1976 on US soil, after all efforts failed to re-establish a community for male Brigittines of whom after the ravages of the Protestant reformation none were left.

Amity2016-02     Amity2016-06

The solemn blessing of the statue of Our Lady of Compassion


Th Brigittini Servitores couldn’t be there for this, but we (Superior and Chaplain) were there in July, celebrating the Feast of Saint Birgitta and participating  for a few days in the community life of the Brigittine Brothers, our dear comrades in arms. May God bless them all!Amity2016-01


On the Feast of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary




As we chant today before sunrise verses of the hymn of ad Matutinum, with joyful praise tumbling forth from our lips :

Surge! Iam terris fera bruma cessit,
Ridet in pratis decus omne florum,
Alma quæ Vitæ Génitrix fuísti,
Surge, María!

Lílium fulgens velut in rubéto,
Mortis auctórem teris una, carpens
Sóntibus fructum pátribus negátum
Arbore vitæ.

(Arise! Now the harsh winter receded from our lands,
All the beauty of  flowers in the meadows smiles
O kind Mother, who became the bearer of Life,
Arise, O Mary!

Oh, thou lily shining in the thickets

The one grinding down the bringer of death

Thou gathering from the tree of life

The fruit denied to our fathers)




Or in short and in prose –  Blessed Virgin Mary of unsurpassable beauty,  we love thee so!

flowers -white