On the margin of an obituary about a life well lived.

Whilst our heart is filled with sorrow because Brother Martin OSsS, so kind, so cheerful,  is not among us , we should thank God that we have known him, inspired and edified by the example and cheered in encounters with this   consecrated soul ,living his  holy  vocation to the full.

In a way, it was a unique vocation. The Brigittine Brothers, a contemplative order, to which Brother Martin belonged for close to a quarter century, is a truly trailblazing enterprise.    In the chaotic situation of the recent decades, when even previously established orders simply dwindled away a group of dedicated Americans achieved under the inspired leadership of Brother Benedict Kirby (RIP) of happy memory what others have been unsuccessfully trying for more than 100 years in Europe –  to re-establish a male branch of Brigittines after the Brigittine Brothers were simply swept away in the wake of the Protestant reformation.

Several of those who have tried the life, did not persevere.  Those who did and do to this day, made and are making it work by turning their hands to any of the tasks presented without decreasing the time for prayer- daily Holy Mass, the full Divine Office (also known as the Liturgy of the Hours) recited in common, adoration and rosary each day.


May God grant the graces to the confreres of dear Brother Martin to carry on with their work of sanctifying themselves and others AMDG and may Our Lady dry their tears of grief!


Making use of the Season of Septuagesima

Let us reflect on the graces received during the joyous times of Christmas and make plans to solidify the virtues inspired by these graces during Lent, i.e., what bad habits do you plan to eradicate which hamper the practice of these virtues? Let us prepare for making use of the rich spiritual fare of Lent when there will be for each day a different Holy Gospel reading on which we can meditate as a preparatory practice during the Season of Septaguesima, we can start using a combination of the Sunday Holy Gospel and the daily Magnificat antiphon.

Let us prepare !


The present part of the liturgical year, the Sundays after Epiphany, could also be called the “Let us get ready” season.  After the splendour of the Christmas cycle and before the sombre Season f Septuagesima, preparing us for the penitential practices of Lent begins, we are in a bit of no man’s land. Let us therefore pray that we see the road-map for our journey to heaven when seasonal prayers to aid us start again.

This time, when we are not so busy celebrating, more often not with others, may be a good time to review our New Year resolutions.

The Breviary notes were bought up to date. all dates for the various Seasons are now also current for the year of 2018

In the Season of Epiphany

In the traditional Latin liturgy, the light of Christmas simply explodes into splendour. Then we had shepherds   from nearby. We now have the Magi coming from far afar, bearing the splendid gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh.


This is how the Little Chapter at ad Primam puts it:

Omnes de Saba vénient, aurum et thus deferéntes, et laudem Dómino annuntiántes. (All they from Saba shall come, bringing gold and frankincense: and shewing forth praise to the Lord.

The above is said once. The Little Chapter below is repeated three times, namely at ad Laudes, ad Tertiam and at ad Vesperas:

Surge, illumináre Ierúsalem, quia venit lumen tuum, et glória Dómini super te orta est. (Arise, be enlightened, O Jerusalem: for thy light is come, and the glory of the Lord is risen upon thee.)

May be given the graces also to see better as to what God wishes for us to do!

The” Breviary notes” page has been updated.

On the Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe

Let  us great Our Heavenly Mother with a song!

Here is a strophe from the a hymn from the Brigittine Divine Office, sung on the Feasts of Our Lady :

O Virgo fons laetitiae – Tu corda nostra marcida

Irriga rore gratiae – Sint ut virtute florida .

(O Virgin, fountain of joy – Soften our hearts

Irrigate them with the dew of grace – So that they would be flowery with virtue.)

Here is a Feastday present for everyone – a new article “Non-liturgical devotions of the Brigittini Servitores” on the  “Brigittine prayers” page.

On the Feast of Christ, the King …


I greet Thee Jesus, My Lord, my all, with a verse from the hymn for Thursday in the   Brigittine Divine Office.


Rex Christe clementissime – Tu corda nostra posside

Ut tibi  laudes debitas – Reddamus omni tempore.


 Christ, most merciful King – Possess our hearts

So that we return at all times – The praises owed to Thee.

I beseech Thee to grant me the graces of continuing to praise Thee for all the days of my life here on earth and in Heaven   hereafter.


On the Feast of the Maternity of the Blessed Virgin Mary…

Let us ask our Heavenly Mother to keep us close, using the two last strophes of the hymn recited in 4 of the 8 Hours in the Brigittine Divine Office.

 Maria  Mater gratiae – Mater misericordiae

Tu nos ab hoste protege – Et hora mortis suscipe.

 Mary, Mother of grace – Mother of mercy

Protect us from the enemy – And receive us at the hour of our death.

The first two or three strophes are different for different days of the week, but these concluding strophes are the same for each day.

Calling men of good -will!

I have been silent for quite a while, but let me reassure everybody -The Brigittini Servitores are still alive and well, Deo gratias!

The aim of establishing eventually a double monastery is still there, the realisation will be on God’s time table, but by the infinite mercy of His Divine Majesty, we are now a step nearer to the establishment of male branch with priestly members and lay Brothers who would give spiritual support for the Brigittine Sisters and pilgrims visiting the monastery and disseminate information about the Brigittine order.

The “step nearer” consists of making it known that we have a priest, interested and well qualified to head such a project.  Indeed, Father has been involved in the work of two Brigittine communities, including ours, for several years.  However, it is only now that I have received  permission to make this known  on this WEB-site.

Hereby I am inviting those who would be interested to write for more information to :
Brigittine Fathers <servitores5@gmail.com>

As for the statement that “The Brigittine  Servitores are still alive and well”,  I could add that yes, indeed, and we are even doing more than before.  Please the article titled “Praising God in choir louder and more often (10-2-2017)”  in the “Editorials” section.